Sic Bo formula.

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Sic Bo formula, high and low bets or high and low bets
by playing high and low bets are almost the first choice. because it is easy to play and has a high chance of winning By using the formula is to wait for time. Which must be noticed in the statistics box. If there is a result that has the same results consecutively. Then can invest immediately.

Online Sic Bo betting formula or Tod betting.

This formula is quite difficult to use. Before placing a bet, one must look at the statistics that have been issued first. Must observe the points in the previous eyes, which points are the most, which points are followed. It may take 2-3 eyes to observe to be sure. From observing and seeing the same points often in many eyes, then let the gambler choose the most frequently issued points. Then immediately place your bets. You will get your profit back immediately. And do not lose capital for free as well UFABET 

Hi-Lo betting formula, 2 pairs of tod bets

is observing the past statistics for many rounds. It takes about 2-3 rounds to observe. After that, select the most frequently drawn numbers. and subsequent numbers By choosing to choose to be the most frequently issued pair 4, followed by 5 and 3 by choosing to bet 4-5, 4-3, and 5-6, ensuring that in addition to investing less. This formula will make you get a lot of money back.

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Teng bet formula.

It is observing the numbers that come out often from many eyes, in which you must observe the numbers that come out often. By having to wait for about 3-4 eyes as well, after the numbers come out often, select only 1-2 numbers and then place bets immediately, which may choose to place in small increments to continue the balance in the next round or maybe Decided to bet with large amounts of money as needed, guaranteeing the chances of getting money is almost 100 percent high.

Sic Bo betting formula, add 4 money.

This formula is suitable for people with a lot of capital. In this way, divide into 4 money together, such as 100, 300, 200, 400 and start with a bet of 100 baht, but if being bet per 300 immediately, when 2 eyes are complete, start betting again with 200 money. If it hits the next eye, walk a thousand 400, but if it loses from 100 next eye, bet 300. For this formula, it seems a bit complicated. But I guarantee that for those who have capital, use this formula, there is almost no chance of losing.