I want to quit coffee. What should I do?

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Giving up coffee isn’t difficult. You just need to use restraint and gradually to help quit coffee. People who are addicted to coffee can try following these tips menu for quitting. 

  • Gradually reduce the amount you drink each day. Don’t suddenly quit for the body to adapt Helps reduce caffeine withdrawal symptoms UFABET
  • Be careful and avoid eating or drinking other beverages that contain caffeine as well. Whether it’s tea, soft drinks, chocolate, energy drinks.  Or electrolyte drinks for people exercising (Sport Drink) 
  • Drink more water. The water will help flush caffeine out of the body and prevent the body from becoming dehydrated.
  • Turn to caffeine-free beverages? Coffee with low caffeine  (Decaf Coffee) is substituted so that the body receives less caffeine.
  • Take medicine according to your symptoms. Such as painkillers or medicines to treat nausea and vomiting. You should always read the medicine package label or consult a pharmacist before taking medicine.  

Even though coffee is a refuge for many people every morning, afternoon, and evening, But drinking large amounts can lead to addiction that is difficult to quit or cause irritating symptoms like caffeine withdrawal after stopping drinking. If you still can’t quit permanently, you should drink the right amount. Limit caffeine intake to 400 milligrams per day, or about 2–4 cups to reduce the health effects as much as possible.