The benefits of yogurt that may actually work.

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Yogurt is a dairy product that has been fermented using probiotics. One or more types of good bacteria. These bacteria are helpful in restoring and balancing the bacteria in the digestive system. And female genitalia Consuming yogurt may help in relieving diarrhea or addiction. Fungus in the vagina can be improved.

Diarrhea of ​​infants or young children.

With the benefits of living microorganisms. Yogurt may help prevent or treat diarrhea that occurs in infants and causes weight loss. A trial was conducted in children aged 6-24 months with symptoms. Diarrhea less than 4 days, 80 subjects were divided into groups. Who took pasteurized cow’s milk yoghurt in addition to normal treatment. or get regular treatment from the hospital. The results showed that yogurt significantly reduced the frequency of bowel movements and increased infant weight gain. ufabet

Not only acute diarrhea. There have also been trials in children with persistent diarrhea. For example in children aged 3-36 months with this problem. Consume milk or yoghurt made from infant formula fermented Lactobacillus bulgaricus instead of milk.  It was found that children who ate yogurt had less diarrhea than likely to be effective. The authors suggest that yoghurt may be an alternative to initially alleviate persistent diarrhea in infants.

Diarrhea from taking antibiotics.

Yogurt may also help reduce diarrhea, a side effect caused by certain medications. The trial involved 202 hospital patients, average age 70, who had to take antibiotics or administer intravenous drugs. The results showed that taking a yogurt supplement containing 227 grams of yogurt for 8 days after antibiotic treatment It is safe and significantly effective in preventing antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

But another study in children aged older than a year who was given antibiotics for a week had the opposite effect. After consuming 150 ml of viable strawberry flavored yoghurt for 12 days starting from the first day of starting antibiotics. It has not been found to be effective in reducing diarrhea caused by taking antibiotics in any way.

The differences in the results of the two studies could be a factor due to differences in age among the participants or other reasons that need to be investigated further. You should also be careful not to eat at the same time. The yogurt may not work properly.