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PSG embraces Joao Felix winter market.

PSG ready to negotiate on loan for Joao Felix in January. According to French media sports reports. The Portuguese striker has become second-choice at Atletico Madrid. With Diego Simeone opting for Alvaro Morata and Antoine Griezmann in the starting XI. As a result, in the past

Liverpool survive penalty shoot-out to win Derby.

Reigning champions Liverpool beat Derby on penalties. After drawing 0-0 after 90 minutes in the football Carabao Cup third round on Wednesday night. The Reds open at Anfield to take on Derby County in the Carabao Cup third round. Played for 15 minutes, Liverpool had

Manchester City beat Chelsea 2-0 in the Carabao Cup.

Manchester City beat Chelsea 2-0 in the Carabao Cup third round on Wednesday night. At the Etihad Stadium is the big battle of this round. Between the blue sailboats opening their houses to deal with navy blue lion.  11 minutes into the game, Manchester City missed

Inter Milan beat Bologna 6-1.

Inter Milan beat Bologna 6-1 in Serie A on Wednesday. At Giuseppe Meazza it’s a midweek Serie A battle between the Nerazzurri and Bologna.  The visiting team is really good. In the 4th minute, Musa Barrow has a chance to shoot out of frame. Then

Nottingham Forest beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-0.

Nottingham Forest beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in the football Carabao Cup third round. With 10 men remaining in the last 15 minutes. At the City Ground, the home of Nottingham Forest opens the duel with Tottenham Hotspur  Forest had a chance to win from the

How to play 3 card poker?

3 Card Poker Game Normally played in live casinos. This game uses 52 cards without Jokers. How to play the game. The rules are the same all over the world. Whether playing in Macau, Europe, America or anywhere else by the name of the game. The player and the dealer are

Tricks to play Poker Online to win.

The road to professional Poker Online is not as far as you think! Today we are ready to share techniques and how to play real money poker properly. To give newbies a way bets to think and play like a pro start now. Increase your chances of winning with

Online Roulette Types and Odds.

The winning method of this game, although it seems simple. But the fun and challenge lies in the choice of Roulette Types and odds. Each roulette bet type covers a different set of numbers. which of course results in the probabilities (odds) and make the payout rate differ accordingly. However,

Casino roulette vs online roulette.

The rules and methods of playing online roulette are the same as playing in a casino. The only advantage of playing roulette in a casino over online channels is the enjoyment that players can see the ball fall into the wheel with their own eyes. In the live